Sushigirl Kauai is a dynamic team of talented chefs, artists, surfers, farmers, fisherman, and adventurers that have collided on the North Shore of Kauai. We support and collaborate with local fisherman and organic local farmers because the best sushi can only be as good the ingredients it is made from. We support sustainable practices that secure the health and longevity of our oceans and land, because what you love you must take care of. We are excited to offer you an array of goodness that will support and nourish you in all aspects of life, from pre-hike to post-surf, to on-the-go lunch break to party platters with family and friends on the beach. 

The Beginning

Chef, artist, surfer, sailor extraordinaire, Taylor Lowe, first opened the door to Sushigirl in December of 2014, tucked in next to the Wainiha General Store at the end of the road in deep country paradise, A.K.A., Wainiha, HI. Her focus was on fresh fruits and vegetables from the Waipa and Hanalei farmers markets and even fresher local fish, and combining them on a menu highlighting the clean bright flavors that can only be achieved with the freshest of ingredients. She was a one woman show of care and dedication with the necessary gems of grit and off the wall humor to make a tiny to-go sushi restaurant a truly special dining experience with a growing reputation. As word got out that there was a mysterious hole in the wall near the end of the road serving up epic sushi, the team grew to include an equally talented crew and devoted chefs, that make Sushigirl Kauai what it is today. 

In 2017, when Taylor decided to go back to school to pursue a Masters in Painting at the San Francisco Art Institute, she left her Sushibaby in the hands of her apprentice Aurora, who came with a passion for sustainable and remedial farming and an impeccable palette with a knack for unusual tropical fruits and vegetables she picked up from her time growing up in Puerto Rico, the Big Island, and Kauai. (If you see her, ask her about yacon!) 


The Great Flood and a Change of Address

We were so happy in our tiny sushi closet in the heart of "downtown" Wainiha, but as with all things, change comes when necessary. We shut our sushi door in Wainiha at the end of January. The next four months would be a wild ride including a national record breaking rain fall over a 24 hour period, over a dozen landslides, and a road closure.  Our north shore community came together to help transport supplies and people back and forth to the now isolated north shore. Through this community support, Sushigirl was able to get its most prized possessions from Wainiha to Kilauea via generous boat captains dropping us off and picking us up at the Hanalei Pier.